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Commercial Full Spot Reel

Thomas is happy to share four of his favorite spots from the last year strung together for you viewing enjoyment.

'Bruised' Teaser Trailer

A self-employed house cleaner descends into the darkness of chronic pain.

'Lucille's Ball' Trailer

Lucille's Ball is a dramatic feature that tells the story of Lucille, her rude introduction to sex and her lifelong exploration of it.


Thomas was nominated for the 2013 Leo Award for Motion Picture Cinematography for Lucille' Ball.


Nike "Run" - Spec Commercial


Chanel "Glances" - Spec Commercial


New Reel

Thomas Billingsley's latest reel contains footage from the Leo nominated Lucille's Ball, Pilgrims, and several other recent projects.

Leo Awards Nomination

Leo Awards

Thomas is happy to announce he was recently nominated for a Leo Award for Motion Picture Cinematography for the feature film Lucille's Ball.


Thomas would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their support.

Thomas becomes the Secretary at CPAWC

Thomas is excited to have been elected as the Board of Directors of the Commercial Producers Association of Western Canada (CPAWC) as the Secretary.


He looks forward to working with this new collegues to promote and better the industry for all.

Pilgrims is going to Cannes


Thomas is happy to announce that Pilgrims will be going to the Cannes Film Festival as part of the 'Not Short on Talent' group presented by Telefilm Canada.


Congrats to Marie Clements, as well as the rest of the cast and crew for this honour.


Pilgrims explores the journey of a drowning German tourist as he re-counts key moments in his last 24 hours that begin to unravel and re-shape his crisis of identity, manifesting in a pilgrimage through death, love, transformation, and salvation through acceptance.

Absolut Vodka "Refresh" - Spec Commercial


National Revenue "The Mystery of Where You Belong" Official Music Video