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EastSide Visuals was created by Director of Photography, Thomas Billingsley, to encompass the many facets of his visual communications. For those looking to achieve superior motion picture imagery, EastSide Visuals offers all the services expected of a Director of Photography (pre-production planning, visual design, equipment requisitions, on-set image management), as well as boutique style post-production conform and colour grading.


This combination allows Thomas and the EastSide Visuals team to sculpt and manage your images from the start of a project through to delivery. The results: superior image quality matching your expectations with a look you'll love.


EastSide Visuals: imagery of significance & beauty.

Thomas Billingsley

Thomas Billingsley - Bio


Thomas Billingsley is a Vancouver, Canada based Director of Photography specializing in cinematic digital capture for theatrical, broadcast and online viewing.


He trained through the Professional Photography Program at Langara College, one of the West Coast’s most respected programs, and Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts receiving several scholarships for volunteer service to the school, academic merit, and artistic excellence.


Running a flourishing commercial photography studio for over a half-dozen years, he developed his eye and technique, before moving into film production.


In addition to his recent Leo Nomination for Motion Picture Cinematography for the feature film Lucille's Ball, he is pleased that his Bravo!Fact short Pilgrims screened at the Not Short on Talent Film Corner at Cannes and is an official selection at TIFF 2013..


Currently, Thomas puts his extensive training and artistic eye to use on narrative dramatic films, commercials and music videos.