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Research, planning and analysis - it doesn't sound sexy, but without proper preparation, a disorganized and sub-standard shoot is sure to follow. Thomas leaves nothing to chance. He is meticulous in his organization and boundless in his creativity. Whether is be a specialized camera testing, hand picking his team, designing a lighting scheme or devising a shooting plan with the director, Thomas is there every step of the way making sure all of the myriad details are taken care of. You cannot put too high a price on the peace of mind that thorough organization provides. With the hard work of organization taken care of you and Thomas are free to let your creative vision soar.




Production is when the rubber meets the road. Without careful planning, poor execution follows, and execution is what Thomas does best. His eye is impeccable, his work ethic unmatched. You can feel confident knowing Thomas has your back.

Thomas provides experience. His decisions are made with the film's best interest in mind. He believes the role of the Director of Photography is to photograph a project's subtext. Camera moves should be motivated, lighting should be representative of emotion, and the tone should reflect a character's inner life - except when they shouldn't. It takes knowledge, skill and technique to know how creatively to tell a story without words, and Thomas has that experience.



New at EastSide Visuals is Thomas' ability to bring the key step of colour grading in-house. Why is it so important? Because just as digital cinematography has given productions the ability to capture extremely high quality footage, it has also given the colourist a huge palette of influence over the look of the final image. Who better to fine tune the look of your film than the person who has been working with the production form the very beginning, the person who has sat and discussed the tone and feeling of a particular scene, the person who has lit and shot a specific character in a specific way? No one.

Thomas' technical skills are top notch. His experience with digital filmmaking means he is as comfortable in front of a computer monitor building a beautiful look as he is on set sculpting with light. This is the future of digital filmmaking; Thomas' hands on approach and uncompromising dedication to quality make him the asset you need to bring your film to life.


EastSide Visuals: imagery of significance & beauty.