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"I had the pleasure of working with Cinematographer, Thomas Billingsley on an Indie feature called The Wingman. Thomas's professionalism was second to none, his attention to detail, the team mentality & coolness that he exhibited on set and, his constant positive attitude were a joy to be around. I was thoroughly impressed with Thomas' skill as a Cinematographer and the mature way in which he handled himself in every situation. His leadership with his team and the respect they had for him demonstrated his confidence and ability. Our Director, a former camera operator himself, continually praised Thomas' work and we were lucky to have him shoot our film. Any production would do well to hire Thomas and his talent & without hesitation, I would work with Thomas on future films"


- Robyn Wiener, Line Producer, The Wingman



"I have never met anyone who works harder, longer, and still remains more motivated than Thomas. Not only is he professional on set, but also his talent for cinematography and enthusiasm for collaboration are limitless."


- Tarique Qayumi, Director, Sword of Truth



"Thomas' combination of eye and heart are unparalleled. His skill, humour, and creativity are only matched by his flexibility and dedication. We can't wait to shoot with him again and again!"


- Mauri Bernstein, Director, Head of the Household



"I love working with Thomas. I would not only work with him again in a heartbeat but would develop a project just to have an excuse to work with him again. He's that great."


- Jennifer Halley, Director, Kiss or No Kiss

"Thomas is a pleasure to work with. He is a good creative Cinematographer who produces high production value content and treats all projects as his own. I am always impressed with his spontaneous solutions for issues, his professionalism, and his commitment."


- Manny Parmar, Director, Cash on Delivery



"Thomas was awesome to work with on Hike. He's professional, creative, hard working and has a great sense of humour. He rolls with the punches and was up to the challenge of filming HIke with all natural light. It was really fun to work with him and I look forward to many more movies together!"


- Jennifer Campbell, Writer / Director / Producer, HIKE



"Not only is Thomas extremely dedicated, hard-working, and technically proficient, he also has a great amount of creative energy and an adaptable aesthetic that took my film to a much higher level of visual storytelling. Thomas is very easy to work with; he quickly grasps the concept and tone of your project and makes it come to life with his highly versatile palette of techniques and styles. He knows just when to work with your concepts, and when to provide more input to fully realize your vision. On top of this, Thomas manages to be easy-going and relaxed on set, making the director-cinematographer relationship enjoyable while maintaining a professional work ethic. In all areas, Thomas strives to be the best and will do his absolute best for you. He's always been a highly valued creative collaborator of mine, and a chance to work with him is one that should not be missed!"


- Ashley Slater, Director, Oh Sweet and Mighty Dream of Freakish Joy!